About the Bus Ad Campaign

The campaign is the effort of Roman Catholic Women Religious in the Pacific Northwest in collaboration with others to raise awareness about the reality of Human Trafficking.

Starting Father's Day (June 20) 2010, the advertisements will be placed on the sides of transit buses in the Tacoma/Pierce County area. Each ad will include this website address for more information.

Bus ads ran in Seattle on King County Metro buses in the Spring of 2009.

This is a pilot project - the campaign could be replicated in other cities across the country.

Contact Us for more information.

Press Information
& Media Coverage


Adrian Dominicans
Catholic Community Services
Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center
Providence Health & Services
Sinsinawa Dominicans
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary
Sisters of Providence
Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace
Tacoma Dominicans
Tronie Foundation

Local Resources - Seattle/Tacoma Metro Area

Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN)
coalition of organizations that provide assistance to pre-certified victims of trafficking
Local Hotline

Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center
Education & Advocacy Resources
Phone: 206-223-1138

Other local resources

How can you help stop the demand for human trafficking?

Call the national hotline: 1-888-3737-888.

Look beneath the surface for signs of human trafficking in our own community.

Contact local organizations working to end human trafficking.

Learn more about human trafficking - visit the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center website for resources and links.

Read about the Stop the Demand campaign organized by UNANIMA International.

Advocate for strong laws and services to victims. Visit our Legislative Action Center.

Pray with us at our monthly silent vigil the first Sunday of each month at 1:30 pm at Westlake Park.


What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It is a global, national, and local reality.

In order for a situation to be trafficking, it must have at least one of the elements within each of the following three criteria:

Process + Ways/Means + Goal

Process: recruitment, transportation, transferring, harboring or receiving of a person/persons AND

Way/Means: threat, coercion, abduction, fraud, deceit, deception, or abuse of power AND

Goal: prostitution, pornography, violence/sexual exploitation, forced labor, involuntary servitude, debt bondage, or slavery/similar practice.

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